Goals are an End, Not the Journey

Alfred state long jumper
I have read more than I’d like to about goals. With life coaching becoming more popular (kind of like black death did back in the day) everyone probably has some knowledge of goals and how they help. It is indeed correct that goals will help you and your athletes. It’s better to have a destination set so you know where you want to be rather than pushing forward in hope that where you end up is ideal.

The important thing with goals is they mean nothing if you don’t have a plan to achieve them. It’s all about the “how” and not the “what.” I could say I want to coach someone to a world class level next year but the real question is how am I going to tackle this major task?

Make sure your athletes understand too. I’ve had guys come in and claim they want big numbers but don’t understand the commitment it takes to get there. The bigger the goal the more planning it takes. 

If you are averaging gains of 5m in your hammer throwers and someone wants a 15m improvement this season then either you have to adjust his goal or come up with a better program to help him reach that goal. You can’t stick with the same patterns and hope for better results just because someone set a high goal.

Worry about the process more than the end result.


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Excellent post!

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Damian Bathory said...

Our old college coach also kept preaching the same goal-oriented approach - with one slight addition. He also said to be sure we were fueled up and fit to make that journey. He would then do a salespitch about the right exercise routine - best pre workouts, number of repetitions, after workout routines, and all.

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