Importance of Left Leg In Rotational Shot Put [video]

The real issue here is Brian tries too hard when he knows he needs to throw far.  Rather than relaxing and doing what he knows how to, he tenses up and suddenly he's off balance, closed orbits and over stepping.  The video from practice a couple weeks ago, he really wasn't throwing 14m.  He was beating Rob by 3-5ft easily.  At this meet he lost to Rob by over a meter with full throws and ended up almost a half meter behind him because he power threw a 13.26, but full threw a 12.5ish.

It was a frustrating year with him and shot.  He switched back to glide (what he did in high school) and threw 14 the week he switched so I guess it worked out but he missed 5 months of training glide. bad...

Importance of Left Leg in Glide [Video]

Rob is a strong dude but moves fairly slowly and has issues of rushing the front.  Waiting for his left leg isn't helping the cause so here's what I showed him hoping to fix it.